Styling A College Dorm

July 14, 2023

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It’s that time of year and I have had many clients and friends reach out to me about their son and daughter going back to college in the fall. There are so many fun trends happening now so our young adults can make their dorm room feel like home away from home. I am happy to share some ideas and tips so your son or daughter can have a functional, fun, and stylish college dorm!

  • Headboards: This is one new trend that I can certainly get behind! So many kids are bringing a beautiful headboard to add comfort and that wow factor to their space! I absolutely love this idea and have picked a few out to make your shopping that much easier! Hope you like them!
  • Bedding: Choose bedding and textiles that complement the overall theme or color scheme of the room. You can opt for bedding sets, throw pillows, and curtains that add a pop of color or patterns to the space. Consider comfort and durability when selecting bedding as well. I’ve selected a few of my favorites to make your shopping even easier! Click this links to check them out.
  • Rugs: Area rugs are an easy way to had personality to a space, and a little warmth and comfort as well! I found some fab choices here!
  • Desk and study supplies: Desk lamp, pens, notebooks, folders, stapler, paper clips, highlighters, sticky notes, etc.
  • Electronics: Laptop or desktop computer, printer, power strips, surge protectors, USB drives, headphones
  • Appliances: Such an important addition to the dorm rooms these days! Mini fridge, microwave (if allowed), reusable water bottle, plates, bowls, utensils, microwave-safe containers, coffee maker or electric kettle, dish soap, sponge, and towels. I’ve selected a few of my favorites to make your shopping even easier!
  • Storage and organization: Storage bins, under-bed storage containers, hangers, shoe rack, closet organizer, over-the-door hooks, desk organizers, command hooks or strips
  • Decorations: Posters, photos, wall decals, string lights, throw pillows, area rug, plants (if allowed), whiteboard or corkboard for messages or reminders
  • Wall decor: Use removable adhesive hooks or damage-free wall hooks to hang posters, artwork, or picture frames on the walls. You can also create a photo collage or a gallery wall using removable wall decals or washi tape. These are easy to remove and won’t damage the walls.
  • Lighting: Dorm rooms often have harsh overhead lighting, so adding softer lighting options can create a cozy atmosphere. String lights, desk lamps, and floor lamps can provide warm and ambient lighting. Just make sure to follow the dorm’s rules regarding electrical appliances.
  • Functional decor: Look for decor items that serve a dual purpose. For example, ottomans or storage benches can provide seating and extra storage space. Decorative bulletin boards or magnetic boards can be used to display photos, reminders, and important notes.
  • Plants: Adding a few indoor plants can bring life and freshness to the dorm room. Opt for low-maintenance plants that don’t require much sunlight or care, such as succulents or spider plants. Check if the college allows plants in the dorms and consider the space available for them.
  • Personal touches: Encourage your child to bring personal items that hold sentimental value or remind them of home. This could include framed family photos, their favorite books, artwork, or small mementos that make the space feel more personal.
  • Collaborate with the roommate: If your child has a roommate, it’s a good idea to coordinate with them to ensure the overall room design is cohesive. Discuss color schemes, shared items like rugs or curtains, and find ways to combine both personalities and styles.

Remember, the main goal is to create a comfortable and functional space that reflects your child’s individuality. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can transform a dorm room into a personalized and inviting living space.

Click the images below to shop my collections!

Need some more help? Feel free to reach out!

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